API end point: https://fhir.careevolution.com/Master.Adapter1.WebClient/api/fhir-stu3.

Resource AuditEvent (STU3)

Maps the CareEvolution AuditLogEntry concept

Supported interactions

Search parameters

Name Type Modifiers , prefixes Multiple values Can be chained Description
_id Token Yes See here
date Date eq ne lt le gt ge sa eb ap See here
message String :contains :exact Yes

Searches for audit events by their message

patient Reference :missing Yes Yes See here
subtype Token Yes See here
type Token Yes See here
user Token Yes See here


Supports multiple sorts


To FHIR mappings

FHIR CareEvolution
agent ApplicationID
entity.reference PatientID
extension('http://careevolution.com/fhirextensions#auditEvent-durationMilliseconds') DurationMilliseconds
extension('http://careevolution.com/fhirextensions#auditEvent-screenName') ScreenName
extension('http://careevolution.com/fhirextensions#auditEvent-sessionID') SessionID
extension('http://careevolution.com/fhirextensions#properties') Properties
outcome Event.Message
outcomeDesc Event.Message
recorded TimeStamp
source.identifier ApplicationID
subtype Event.Message
type Event.Message