Test patient accounts

User name Password Patient id
CEPatient CEPatient2018 d4b1d050-584f-4797-a9c7-ab72e4cd4452 Mix of clinical and claim data - some synthetic, some de-identified. User associated with multiple patients, so the system prompts to chose one when using launch/patient
CMSPatient1 CMSPatient2018 9290ee30-7e55-4709-8873-8e9bb11ead53 Claims data only, from a CMS data set
CMSPatient2 CMSPatient2018 b42ee15e-47e9-4359-ac62-1120f100b359
CMSPatient3 CMSPatient2018 359bdfe5-53e3-4b77-9a47-2ba6a261a5e8
CMSPatient4 CMSPatient2018 2df0d919-65a2-43c1-867b-9cd8bfe7b22f
Lara Lara2020 be446404-4982-41d5-bdd3-b1dae0d26bd3 Mix of (very little) synthetic clinical data and de-identified claims data.
CMSBB1 CMSBlueButton1 42ace0fd-e1db-4daf-a16d-c7ec0515a670 Claims data imported from the CMS BlueButton sandbox. Includes Converage resources.
CMSBB2 CMSBlueButton2 1a3a4918-b7bf-425a-ac0a-f1e2eae125fb