Resource Encounter

Maps the CareEvolution Encounter concept

Supported interactions

Search parameters

Name Type Modifiers , prefixes Multiple values Can be chained Description
_id Token Yes See here
_lastUpdated Date lt le gt ge See here
admitdate Date eq lt le gt ge Searches for encounters by admit date
class Token Yes Searches for encounters by their class
date Date eq lt le gt ge See here
dischargedate Date eq lt le gt ge Searches for encounters by discharge date
identifier Token Yes See here
location Reference :missing Yes Yes See here
participant-type Token :not :in :not-in Yes See here
patient Reference Yes Yes See here
practitioner Reference :missing Yes Yes See here
status Token Yes See here
type Token :not :in :not-in Yes See here


Supports only one sort at a time



To FHIR mappings

From To
AdmitDate status
AdmitSource hospitalization.admitSource
AdmitSourceAlternateTerms hospitalization.admitSource
AdmitSourceText hospitalization.admitSource
CaregiverRelationships.CaregiverID participant.individual
CaregiverRelationships.DataSource participant.extension('')
CaregiverRelationships.EndDate participant.period
CaregiverRelationships.RelationshipType participant.type
CaregiverRelationships.StartDate participant.period
DataSource extension('')
DischargeDate status
DischargeType hospitalization.dischargeDisposition
EncounterLocations.EndDate location.period
EncounterLocations.Location location.location
EncounterLocations.StartDate location.period
Identifier identifier
PatientClass class
PatientID patient
PatientType type
VipIndicator hospitalization.specialCourtesy

From FHIR mappings

From To
class PatientClass
extension('') DataSource
hospitalization.admitSource AdmitSource
hospitalization.dischargeDisposition DischargeType
hospitalization.specialCourtesy VipIndicator
id Identifier
identifier Identifier
location.location EncounterLocations.Location
location.period EncounterLocations.StartDate
participant.extension('') CaregiverRelationships.DataSource
participant.individual CaregiverRelationships.CaregiverID
participant.period CaregiverRelationships.StartDate
participant.type CaregiverRelationships.RelationshipType
patient PatientID
period AdmitDate
type PatientType