API end point: http://fhir.careevolution.com/Master.Adapter1.WebClient/api/fhir-stu3.

Resource ProcedureRequest

Maps non-pharmacy CareEvolution Order concepts, i.e. those orders with a Department term code different from 'Pharmacy'

Supported interactions

Search parameters

Name Type Modifiers , prefixes Multiple values Can be chained Description
_id Token Yes See here
_lastUpdated Date lt le gt ge See here
authored Date eq lt le gt ge See here
body-site Token :not :in :not-in Yes See here
code Token :not :in :not-in Yes See here
context Reference :missing Yes Yes See here
encounter Reference :missing Yes Yes See here
identifier Token Yes See here
intent Token Yes See here
occurrence Date eq lt le gt ge See here
patient Reference Yes Yes See here
priority Token Yes See here
provenance-agent Reference Yes Yes Search by provenance, specified by its author (aka originator) Organization
requester Reference :missing Yes Yes See here
status Token Yes See here
subject Reference Yes Yes See here


Supports multiple sorts



To FHIR mappings

From To
Comment note
DataSource extension('http://careevolution.com/fhirextensions#dataSource')
Department category
EncounterID context
FillerAssigningAuthority identifier
FillerOrderNumber identifier
IsPrn asNeeded
Item code
OrderDate authoredOn
OrderingCaregiverID requester.agent
OrderModifiers intent
OrderStatus status
OrderText text
PatientID subject
PlacerAssigningAuthority identifier
PlacerGroupAssigningAuthority identifier
PlacerGroupNumber identifier
PlacerOrderNumber identifier
Priority priority
ReasonsForStudy reasonCode
SpecimenSource bodySite
StartDate occurrence
StopDate occurrence

From FHIR mappings

From To
asNeeded IsPrn
authoredOn OrderDate
bodySite SpecimenSource
category Department
code Item
context EncounterID
extension('http://careevolution.com/fhirextensions#dataSource') DataSource
extension('http://careevolution.com/fhirextensions#order-modifiers') OrderModifiers
id PlacerOrderNumber
identifier PlacerOrderNumber
intent OrderModifiers
note Comment
occurrence StartDate
priority Priority
reasonCode ReasonsForStudy
requester.agent OrderingCaregiverID
status OrderStatus
subject PatientID
text OrderText