API end point: http://fhir.careevolution.com/Master.Adapter1.WebClient/api/fhir-stu3.

Resource Group

Maps the CareEvolution PatientGroup, PatientGroupMember concepts

Supported interactions

Search parameters

Name Type Modifiers , prefixes Multiple values Can be chained Description
_id Token Yes See here
code Token :not :in :not-in Yes See here
identifier Token Yes See here
member Reference Yes Yes See here
name String :contains :exact Searches for groups by their name


Supports multiple sorts



To FHIR mappings

From To
PatientGroup.Description name
PatientGroup.Identifier identifier
PatientGroup.RecordAuthority identifier
PatientGroup.Type code
PatientGroupMembers.PatientID member.entity
PatientGroupMembersCount quantity

From FHIR mappings

From To
code PatientGroup.Type
identifier PatientGroup.Identifier
member.entity PatientGroupMembers.PatientID
name PatientGroup.Description