API end point: http://fhir.careevolution.com/Master.Adapter1.WebClient/api/fhir-cedars.

Resource DocumentReference

Maps the CareEvolution Report concept to DocumentReference when report contains clinical notes. It is expected that there will be some overlap with DiagnosticReport.

Supported interactions

Search parameters

Name Type Modifiers , prefixes Multiple values Can be chained Description
_id Token Yes See here
authenticator Reference :missing Yes Yes See here
author Reference :missing Yes Yes See here
category Token Yes The classification of the type of report - path DocumentReference.category.
Matches CareEvolution reports whose type is in a term subset with scope 'http://hl7.org/fhir/us/core/CodeSystem/us-core-documentreference-category' and name equal to clinical-notes'.

date Date eq lt le gt ge See here
encounter Reference :missing Yes Yes See here
patient Reference Yes Yes See here
period Date eq lt le gt ge See here
provenance-agent Reference Yes Yes Search by provenance, specified by its author (aka originator) Organization
status Token :not :in :not-in Yes See here
subject Reference Yes Yes See here
type Token :not :in :not-in Yes See here


Supports multiple sorts



To FHIR mappings

From To
DataSource extension('http://careevolution.com/fhirextensions#dataSource')
DictatedByCaregiverID author
EncounterID context.encounter
FillerAssigningAuthority identifier
FillerOrderNumber identifier
Identifier identifier
ObservationDate context.period
PatientID subject
PlacerAssigningAuthority identifier
PlacerOrderNumber identifier
ReportContent content.attachment
ReportFormat content.attachment
ReportStatus status
ReportStatusDate date
Summary description
Type type
VerifiedByCaregiverID authenticator

From FHIR mappings

From To
authenticator VerifiedByCaregiverID
author DictatedByCaregiverID
content.attachment ReportContent
context.encounter EncounterID
context.period ObservationDate
date ReportStatusDate
description Summary
extension('http://careevolution.com/fhirextensions#dataSource') DataSource
id Identifier
identifier PlacerOrderNumber
masterIdentifier Identifier
status ReportStatus
subject PatientID
type Type